“Infinity Challenge” Donates Over 2.7 Billion Won over the Years

2014-10-10 21:23:42 2014-10-10 21:23:42

Long-running MBC variety program “Infinity Challenge” has donated over 2.7 billion won (approximately 2.7 million USD) over the years, and they will continue to raise money for charities in the future.

The representative from “Infinity Challenge” announced on October 11 that “As long as ‘Infinity Challenge’ continues, we will continue to raise awareness and money for charitable causes.”

They further added, “The staff actually doesn’t know how much money we have raised, that is dealt by the charity agency. The staff and the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members do contribute to suggesting direction and specific causes the money will go to. We are thankful for the attention.”

It was announced earlier that “Infinity Challenge” has donated over 2.7 billion won in the last four years, making up 59% of MBC’s total donation during the same time.

“Infinity Challenge” releases a special calendar every year for charity. This year, through their racing car special, they were able to raise more donations from their eight sponsors.