Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi Sends Well-Wishes to All Sides in Midst of Luhan’s Lawsuit News

2014-10-10 11:46:34 2014-10-10 11:46:34

In the midst of everything that is happening with regards to the news of Luhan filing a lawsuit to nullify his exclusive contract with current agency, SM Entertainment, his company senior—Zhoumi of Super Junior-M—has sent out a message of support to people on all sides of this controversial situation.

On October 10, Zhoumi posted a brief message on his personal Weibo account that speaks a lot to those involved in the matter at hand. He wrote: “For those who have left and those who have stayed, please continue to be good/happy.”

The Super Junior-M member’s well-wishes are speculated to be towards not only Luhan, but the other group members as well.

Meanwhile, Zhoumi is not the first to speak up about the current situation. EXO member Lay has also showed his support for Luhan through his own Weibo earlier, expressing his desire to stand on the same stage with his fellow group member once again in the future.