“The Queens” Reveals Gorgeous Stills Of Song Hye Gyo

2014-10-10 22:44:52 2014-10-10 22:46:22

Actress Song Hye Gyo was recently revealed on the set for the Chinese movie “The Queens.”

“The Queens” released stills of Song Hye Gyo through its Weibo account on October 10 with the message, “Queen Song Hye Gyo is enjoying a break at a Turkey beach. The still cuts are beautiful enough to make one admire her beauty.”

In the stills, Song Hye Gyo is in a dark blue dress, wearing a faraway look. With the sun to her back, all eyes are focused on her irresistible charms.

In another picture, Song Hye Gyo shows off her elegant charms in a flower print dress.

Meanwhile, “The Queens” is a movie that depicts a popular actress finding herself after experiencing great pain. Song Hye Gyo plays the role of Annie, an actress possessing looks and talent who expertly deals with younger men. The movie plans to open in China on November 7.


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