Han Chae Ah Confirms Her Appearance in “Only You, My Love”

2014-10-11 21:38:20 2014-10-11 21:38:20

Actress Han Chae Ah has decided to act as the heroine in “Only You, My Love,” which is the follow-up drama of “My Dear Cat” on KBS1.

On October 10, Han Chae Ah’s agency, Family Entertainment, revealed “Actress Han Chae Ah has decided to appear as the heroine Song Do Won in “Only You, My Love,” which is the upcoming KBS1 daily drama.”

Han Chae Ah has shown a new side of herself in every drama she has appeared in, such as: “I Believe in Love,” “Bridal Mask,” “Ohlala Couple,” “Marry Him If You Dare,” “Style,” “Definitely Neighbors,” and “All About My Romance.” In this drama, Han Chae Ah plays the heroine Song Do Won, a bright and vibrant character who transforms from a fruit and vegetable dealer at a traditional market to a cable PD.

Han Chae Ah gave her impressions of the drama, stating “Do Won struggles for work, family and love, and I could feel the depressing emotions which overflowed with humanity through the infinite love of Do Won’s father. I ask for your endless love toward Do Won and myself as I am very passionate about this new drama.”

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