M.I.B’s Kangnam Reveals He Was Kicked Out of High School

2014-10-11 12:53:39 2014-10-11 14:36:59

M.I.B member Kangnam revealed that he was kicked out of high school in Japan on “I’m Going to School.”

On the latest episode of “I’m Going to School” Kangnam successfully completed a week at Incheon Foreign Language High School. Kangnam, who was very outgoing on the show, even becoming a prefect during the short time, seemed sad to leave his classmates.

“To be honest, I was kicked out of high school, but I think if I went to a school like this my life wouldn’t have been the same. You all study hard and go to a good university, and buy me drinks later. I love you, thank you, and I’ll miss you,” said Kangnam, in front of his class.

During the interview with the staff after the touching farewell, Kangnam added, “I was trying hard to not cry. I’m glad. The kids thanked me, telling me it was a good memory, but it’s the opposite. I’m thankful. It’s hard to say goodbye.”

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