New Stills of Luhan and Cast for Chinese Remake of “Miss Granny” Revealed

2014-10-11 09:54:34 2014-10-11 09:54:34

Brand new still cuts of the cast members have been revealed for the Chinese remake of the Korean movie titled “Miss Granny,” which is also Luhan’s debut production, amidst the reports of his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

The production team of the Chinese version, called “Back to 20s” (literal translation), posted these still cuts through the movie’s official Weibo.

The recently released cuts feature Luhan and the rest of the main cast members, in character. Luhan can be seen holding a guitar, as he stands alongside his co-stars, flashing big smiles. Additionally, an individual cut of Luhan, who looks to be acting during a serious scene, was also revealed.

A message was posted along with these photos, which read, “Welcome home!” seemingly in regard to his return to Beijing, as mentioned on Luhan’s personal Weibo following reports of the lawsuit.

Luhan has taken on the role of the lead female character’s grandson in this Chinese remake. The cast and crew wrapped up filming this past July, and it is scheduled for release in March of 2015.
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