Tablo Turns into Haru’s Personal Boat on the Next Episode of “Superman Returns”

2014-10-11 21:34:22 2014-10-11 21:34:22

In the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Superman Returns,” the “World’s Strongest Man: Dad” special will be broadcasted.

Epik High’s Tablo visited the mud flats (the stretch of muddy land that is exposed when the water moves out) with his daughter, Haru. Seeing Haru struggling to walk through heavy mud that buried her down to her thighs, Tablo got onto his back and yelled, “Haru! Daddy’s the mud flat boat. You can ride it!” For the comfort of his daughter, he even got onto his stomach. Rolling back and forth Tablo eventually got covered in mud from head to toe. But what brought much laughter was Haru’s innocent and nonchalant reaction, saying, “Daddy, I think I can go by myself?”

1012 haru and tablo in the mud stills

This episode will be aired this coming Sunday, October 12 on KBS. Who’s a fan of this father-daughter couple?