Jang Nara Looks Back at Her Awkward Relationship with “New Nonstop” Co-star Jo In Sung

2014-10-12 23:10:44 2014-10-12 23:10:44

Actress Jang Nara has revealed what her and Jo In Sung‘s relationship was like during the early stages of their career.

During the filming of an upcoming episode of SBS’ “Healing Camp,” the actress looked back at the 2000-2002 hit sitcom “New Nonstop” that offered her and Jo In Sung a springboard to fame. The two quickly became two of the hottest young stars at the time.

“We were both young at the time. Both me and Jo In Sung were very shy. When I filmed together with Jo In Sung for ten months, we only greeted each other, saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Good job,'” Jang Nara told, revealing what their relationship was like off-camera.

In addition, the actress explained how the public tends to have an inaccurate idea of her personality. Instead of being bright and bubbly, what many seem to think, she is rather on the shy side, and prefers to keep things to herself.

This episode of “Healing Camp” airs today, on October 13.