Lee Kwang Soo Perfectly Transforms Into “Kwangvatar” on “Running Man”

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Lee Kwang Soo

The giraffe ofRunning Man,” Lee Kwang Soo, has made a perfect transformation as “Kwangvatar” on the recent episode of the SBS hit show.

On the October 12 episode of “Running Man,” the seven members each transformed into different super heroes and characters for the episode. MC Yoo Jae Suk transformed into Superman, Ji Suk Jin as Batman, Song Ji Hyo as Wonder Woman, Gary as The Monkey King, Kim Jong Gook as Wolverine, and Haha as Hong Gil Dong while Lee Kwang Soo became an avatar.

While waiting for the big reveal, each of the members stayed in capsules in the studio.

Lee Kwang Soo, who has been dubbed as a “giraffe” and an “avatar” for his tall height of over 180cm, has truly absorbed the character and transformed into “Kwangvatar” perfectly.

Lee Kwang Soo

When “Kwangvatar” was finally unveiled, Lee Kwang Soo not only looked the part but he acted the part as well, surprising MC Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo who were already outside the capsule that time.

When the capsule opened, Lee Kwang Soo the “Kwangvatar” stepped out and surveyed the premises with a defensive look and rash yet cautious moves.

Lee Kwang Soo

When they finally went out for the race, Lee Kwang Soo was quite shy appearing in public in full make-up and costume. However, he got used to it in time and during the race, Lee Kwang Soo got different reactions from the public who saw him in his full “Kwangvatar” look.

Check out Lee Kwang Soo’s winning transformation here: