Taeyeon Expresses Gratitude Toward Fans and TaeTiSeo Members with the End of “Holler” Promotions

2014-10-12 01:08:27 2014-10-12 01:08:27

On October 12, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon shared a message of gratitude toward fans and her fellow TaeTiSeo members, Tiffany and Seohyun, with “Holler” promotions coming to an end. She wrote on her Instagram account: “Holler!! It was a short yet packed promotion cycle, but I was able to promote cheerfully thanks to all of you that enjoyed and looked forward to it. I’m also very thankful to the staff members who worked so hard with us since our preparation period^^ #holler #tts #tts2ndmnialbum #hollerMV #tysone I love you SONE.”

In another post shortly after, Taeyeon expressed, “And to our Fany and Seohyun, who I’m most thankful for and worked the hardest. You guys, with such great passion, are so beautiful and precious. I love you.”

Alongside these words of thanks, Taeyeon uploaded photos that were taken on their music video set, as well as during a photo shoot in which the three members took part in New York.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo recently took first place on the October 11 broadcast of MBC’s “Show! Music Core.”
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