Bernard Park Talks About JYP Entertainment’s Sex Education, Agency Senior Artists, and Park Jin Young

2014-10-13 07:27:40 2014-10-13 07:27:40
Bernard Park

SBS’ “K-pop Star 3” winner Bernard Park, who has made his solo debut with “Before the Rain” off his album “I’m,” has recently had an interview with MyDaily wherein he talked about his journey towards achieving his dream of becoming a singer.

After winning “K-pop Star 3,” Bernard Park signed with JYP Entertainment wherein he received various lessons including piano lessons as well as teachings from Park Jin Young himself. Bernard Park also received the agency’s infamous sex education, the young singer revealed.

“The moment I went in JYP (Entertainment), I received sex education. Usually, it’s something our parents would tell us,” said Bernard Park as he laughed.

Bernard Park also talked about his senior co-agency artists 2PM and miss A. “They’re kind people. They really treat me well. It’s a family-like atmosphere. Taecyeon hyung even sent me a message saying I should do well and that I should contact him if there’s something I don’t know, he also encouraged me,” said Bernard Park.

And what could this rookie singer say about JYP Entertainment’s head honcho Park Jin Young?

“He’s a scary but comfortable person. Although there’s this image of a judge that he has shown on ‘K-pop Star 3,’ he has an attraction that cannot be seen on TV. When he’s a judge, he cares about the singing method and technique. He really is very meticulous and tough when teaching. But actually, he’s not as tough in the office. More than talking about music, he gives me advices about life and emphasized that I should ‘get a hold of myself in whatever I do and always work hard.’ I was really scared of him at first but I’ve become more comfortable with him,” said Bernard Park.Bernard Park