“Hidden Singer 3” Records Best Average Rating in the Show’s History

2014-10-13 18:51:13 2014-10-13 18:52:24
hidden singer

Hidden Singer 3” is proving its immense popularity with high ratings.

The third season of the jTBC variety program has hit a 6.2% average rating, its highest yet.

Premiering on August 16, “Hidden Singer 3” has seen numerous legendary and popular singers appear on the show. The third season’s roster of singers includes Lee Sun Hee, Lee Jae Hoon, Park Hyun Bin, Hwanhee, Taeyeon, Tae Jin Ah, Lee Juck, and Insooni.

With nine episodes aired so far, “Hidden Singer 3” has already surpassed previous seasons in ratings. The first season of “Hidden Singer” marked a 3% rating, while “Hidden Singer 2” saw an average of 5.9% rating.

“Hidden Singer 3” has even surpassed network channel shows during the same time slot, something rare for a cable TV program.

More famous singers like Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Tae Woo, and Lee Seung Hwan are scheduled to appear on “Hidden Singer 3.”

hidden singer