Yang Hyun Suk Says He Hasn’t Been in Contact with Seo Taiji for Eight Years

2014-10-13 18:00:34 2014-10-13 18:00:34

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed in an interview that he hasn’t been in contact with Seo Taiji for eight years.

Formerly, Yang Hyuk Suk was part of Seo Taiji and Boys, along with Lee Juno. The trio paved the way for dance music in Korean popular culture in the early 90’s.

Speaking about his relationship with Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun Suk said, “Seo Taiji is a long-time friend. It’s true that we haven’t spoken in eight years. But I’m cheering him on with my heart.”

On Seo Taiji’s comeback that happen to coincide with multiple YG artists’ comebacks, Yang Hyun Suk added, “Truthfully, we tried to avoid the release dates of Seo Taiji’s ‘Sogyeokdong‘ and the title track. But there were some issues with preparation, and it happened that we’re releasing music around the same time.”

He further commented, “YG’s comeback lineup has been planned for months now, and we follow that schedule. I couldn’t have scheduled these releases to compete with Seo Taiji. We decided to release Akdong Musician‘s ‘Time and Fallen Leaves‘ in October this April. Epik High‘s album was supposed to be released on October 14, but we had to push back the release to October 21 because there was a delay in the music video production.”

Nonetheless, Yang Hyun Suk congratulated Seo Taiji, saying, “I’m always happy for him. Before, we connected through ‘hip-hop.’ Now we’ve gone on our separate paths of ‘hip-hop’ and ‘rock,’ but I still think we’re on our own right paths.”