Shin Sung Rok Confirmed for His First Historical Drama, “The King’s Face”

2014-10-14 06:04:20 2014-10-14 06:04:20

Actor Shin Sung Rok has joined the cast of KBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “The King’s Face.”

He will be playing Kim Do Chi, an outstandingly talented face reader. Despite dreaming of a world where everyone is equal, he has dreadful secret ambitions. In order to pursue his personal interests, Kim Do Chi creates conflicts between Gwang Hae (Seo In Guk) and Sun Jo (Lee Sung Jae), and thus plays an important role in the thrilling story.

Shin Sung Rok revealed his thoughts on the casting, “While I have played many roles in various dramas, this is my first time acting in a historical drama, so I am nervous. I feel honored to work with a good drama and a good director, and I want to become a source of support for my fellow actors.”

“The King’s Face” will be filling the time slot of “Blade Man” after the latter ends its run in mid-November.