FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Gets Tortured with Water in New “Modern Farmer” Stills

2014-10-15 00:41:30 2014-10-15 00:41:30

On October 15, the production team of SBS’ new weekend drama “Modern Farmer” revealed brand new still cuts of FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki during filming.

It has been said that Lee Hong Ki, as the lead male in the drama, filmed a scene in which he was tortured with water for a total of five hours.

The filming for this scene took place back in August at an abandoned building. Hong Ki’s body was repeatedly dunked into a large barrel filled with water due to the crew having to film the same scene from different angles after repositioning the cameras.

The production team revealed that on the day of this particular filming, the crew members were very worried about Hong Ki’s condition because the weather was cold and rainy. They praised the FTISLAND member by saying, “However, Hong Ki himself reassured the staff and had fun filming, so everyone was extremely thankful. He proved that he was a veteran/professional, not just as a singer but as an actor as well.”

“Modern Farmer” is set to premiere on October 18 at 8:45 p.m. (KST).
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