Girls’ Generation’s “Divine” PV Revealed, Final Video as 9 Members?

2014-10-15 17:22:46 2014-10-15 17:22:46

Girls’ Generation has released a new PV for their latest Japanese track titled “Divine,” for which they previously unveiled a story version.

This particular video may possibly be the very last in which the complete group, all nine members including Jessica, appear together following Jessica’s leave from the group.

Throughout the PV, the girls make their rounds showing their flawless beauty in close up shots, as they express the emotions of the song and touching lyrics perfectly.

After its release, the song has been gaining attention for its lyrics, which capture the meaning of friendship. It is especially saddening for fans—considering Jessica is no longer a member—due to the part during which Jessica can be seen and heard singing the words, “We are always one,” in her clear, distinct voice.

Watch the beautiful video below!