Seo Taiji Is Ready for Halloween in Music Video for “”

2014-10-15 09:27:24 2014-10-15 18:17:30

Music legend Seo Taiji released the Halloween themed music video for the title track,”,” of his ninth full album through his official YouTube channel.

The music video is the band version and shows Seo Taiji and his band rocking out in spooky and dark setting. Seo Taiji himself looks like an ageless vampire in his gothic suit and his signature glasses.

“” has a unique mix of dubstep, rock, and electronic sound with a heavy play on synth sounds. Seo Taiji doesn’t not confine himself to genre as he includes a rap bridge and even a melody that sounds like a children’s rhyme.

The story version of the music video will be released on October 18.