Kim So Eun Reveals She Is Starting to Look Forward to Virtual Husband Song Jae Rim’s Skinship

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Actress Kim So Eun and model-actor Song Jae Rim are currently garnering much attention for the level of skinship they partake in on screen for their virtual marriage on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On October 17, MBC revealed that Kim So Eun was once again taken aback by Song Jae Rim’s sudden skinship while filming. Using a toy sword, Song Jae Rim apparently attempted at a back hug with the excuse, “When would I ever be able to hug you if I don’t do it now?” He also attempted to lightly grab her waist while asking for her waist size with the excuse of a future gift.

Later, in an interview with the producers, Kim So Eun revealed, “Now I look forward to it. I’m in big trouble.”

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During the filming on this day, the two have once again started their bickering—which started as soon as they met in the first episode—about what to buy while shopping for their necessities. According to the production team, the two reached their highest level of conflict so far during this episode.

Meanwhile, “We Got Married” airs every Saturday on MBC.

[tv] “We Got Married” is coming soon (October 18) on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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