ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung Posts a Reassuring Message for His Fans

2014-10-16 21:54:45 2014-10-16 21:54:45

On October 17, group ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung posted a message onto his personal Instagram, “There won’t be anything that causes any worries. There will be good things that happen and good news to hear. Please trust in it as much as we do. I just wanted to show you that we were doing alright. I am doing well with my family…doing things that we couldn’t before…The most important time is this moment. We are preparing in various different aspects…Please trust us and wait for us and much as you have already waited for us.” With this message he also posted an old photo of all nine members bowing towards the fans in a concert.

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Meanwhile, last month, Moon Junyoung caused a buzz regarding his issues with the CEO of his company, Shin Joo Hak of Star Empire, with a message on his Twitter, which read, “Where did all of my hard earned money go?” However, he later posted, “I just finished talking to the CEO. I’m glad that I was able to express all of my concerns to him.”

But then, on October 15, he posted his tax receipts onto his Twitter, with the comments, “D-7 10/21, 9/21 and afterwards…Please don’t trust everything you see,” seeming to count down to something.

In other news, each of the members of ZE:A are currently busy with their individual schedules.