2NE1’s CL Teams Up with Rita Ora for Fierce High Cut Pictorial

2014-10-17 12:58:42 2014-10-17 12:58:42

2NE1’s CL and British solo artist Rita Ora teamed up in the latest issue of High Cut magazine for an intense fashion face-off.

The fashion magazine revealed a number of cuts showcasing CL and Rita Ora taking part in a fierce and lively style pictorial. It is said that the two fashionistas and musicians representing their respective countries, Korea and the UK, were full of energy all throughout the photo shoot and that energy was captured in the photos.

Like twins and longtime friends, CL and Rita Ora joked around together on the set, laughing and talking with each other. The pictorial is gaining attention for the choice of unique, flashy accessories and clothing items, which they both able to successfully pull off.

The outfits featured in the photo shoot were personally designed by Rita Ora for her collaboration collection with sports apparel brand Adidas.

The full pictorial can be found in High Cut magazine’s 136th issue. Check out some of the cuts below!
CL Rita Ora CL Rita Ora 2 CL Rita Ora 3