Cube Entertainment Gives Official Statement About Ventilation Window Incident That Claimed 16 Lives

2014-10-17 06:27:43 2014-10-17 06:27:43

Cube Entertainment has given an official statement on the ventilation window accident that happened during a 4Minute performance.

4Minute was performing as one of the acts in the “Pangyo Techno Valley Festival,” along with T-Ara, Junggigo, 2Bic, and Cherry Filter. Spectators had climbed onto a ventilation window to get a better view of the concert, and due to the weight of the currently reported twenty-six people, the window had collapsed. The spectators fell 10 meters, and since the incident the number of deaths has risen to 16, with 10 injured.

Although the event was not organized by Cube Entertainment, because the incident happened while 4Minute was performing, the agency has released an official statement. “There is no way to measure the amount of grief in our hearts…The members and the staff did not know what had happened during their performance and only learned of the incident on their way back to Seoul. We hope no more people get hurt because of this incident.”


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