Minho Reveals Philosophical Thoughts as SHINee Member and Young Man for Cosmo

2014-10-17 08:38:23 2014-10-17 08:38:23

SHINee member Minho recently had an interview and solo photo spread for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The handsome idol modeled Carte Blanche‘s  2014 Fall/Winter collection in Helsinki, Finland for the photo shoot. Wearing thick wool jackets and warm sweaters, Minho signature charismatic gaze will warm the hearts of any woman.

For his interview Minho talked about his solo trip to Finland taught him the importance of taking time off for himself and his surprisingly philosophical view on his identity as a SHINee member and as a man.


He said, “Before I was the type to fall asleep quickly as soon as I lie down but these days I have a lot of thoughts before I go to sleep. I think about my life as a balance of SHINee’s Minho and as a 24 year old man. I think thoughts like ‘What am I missing?’ and ‘I should act more mature’…It’s been seven years since I debuted. I feel like the years go by too quickly. Because I started working at such a young age, I feel like I’ve been running without any breaks. I haven’t had much time to look around me….I think I can give myself opportunities to grow more mature if make time for myself, no matter how busy I am. I decided I want my future to be more fruitful, but I also want to live a bright life that is appropriate for my age.”


Currently, Minho and the other members of SHINee are promoting their third Japanese full album, “I’m Your Boy” with a concert tour in Japan.

Minho’s full interview and pictorial can be seen in the November issue of Cosmopolitan.