Mnet to Air Musical Drama in December, It Will Be Different from “Monstar”

2014-10-17 22:49:52 2014-10-17 22:49:52

Cable channel Mnet is currently in the process of planning a musical drama.

A representative from Mnet commented that “A musical drama that will follow ‘Monstar’ will air in December. We have yet to decide on a title, and we are currently in the process of casting.”

They further added, “The working title is currently ‘Fall Seven Times, Rise Eight Times’ but it will most likely change. Also, the synopsis that became known is the earlier version, and the actual synopsis and even the characterizations have changed a lot.”

They also announced that this new drama will be very different from “Monstar.” “They are only similar in their musical drama genre. This drama will have a completely different plot. If ‘Monstar’ was about teens, this upcoming drama will be about a slightly older demographic.”

Mnet carried out a big open audition to cast actors in the drama in September, and there are currently talks of them casting idol stars along with new faces.