Clara Unveils Her Childhood Photos, Not Much Different from Her Current Image?

2014-10-18 21:21:58 2014-10-18 21:21:58

Actress and entertainer Clara recently showed off a number of her childhood photos, revealing how she looked at a young age.

On the October 18 broadcast of SBS’ “Fashion King Korea 2,” Clara unveiled photos of herself as a child, in which she can be seen at different stages of her early life. In these photos, Clara shows off a wide range of outfits, and drew interest in particular with her various poses.

The photo that earned the most attention was one in which the actress is dressed in a bikini, striking a flashy pose and emphasizing her ‘s-line,’ even at a young age. Due to her peculiar pose, she stands out from the others who were also photographed alongside her.

The other cast members of the show pointed out that Clara doesn’t appear to be much different from her current image.

What do you think? Does Clara look the same?
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