Kim So Eun Calls Song Jae Rim a Pervert for His 19+ Jokes on “We Got Married”

2014-10-18 19:41:45 2014-10-23 00:13:09

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On the October 18 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” the Kim So EunSong Jae Rim couple went shopping together in order to decorate their newlywed home.

During the shopping trip for home decor, Kim So Eun picked a small, purple bathroom floor mat, describing it as being “cute.” However, Song Jae Rim responded by saying, “If you shower once, it’ll get soaked,” causing Kim So Eun to ask, “You don’t dry yourself before coming out?” He jokingly replied, “Oh, I see. I’ve never showered with you…[so I don’t know].” Seeing Kim So Eun’s surprised expression, he continued with his 19+ jokes by saying, “I’ll confirm it sometime in the future.”

All throughout the episode, Song Jae Rim naturally attempted skinship with Kim So Eun. After seeing a hospital themed play set, Song Jae Rim said, “Please lift your shirt,” pretending to be a doctor. Once again, taken aback by his unexpected jokes, Kim So Eun said to her husband, “You’re so weird, you have a lustful devil in you. You’re a complete pervert!”

Are you enjoying this couple’s playful interactions?

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