Song Ga Yeon to Take Legal Action Against Netizen Who Sent Death Threats on SNS

2014-10-18 22:26:30 2014-10-18 22:36:53

It has been reported that Road FC will be taking legal action against a netizen who has sent death threats to Song Ga Yeon, mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter and former cast member of SBS’ “Roommate.”

On October 18, a representative of Road FC revealed, “Song Ga Yeon has continued to endure personal attacks and accusations through social networking services (SNS). However, we have determined that recent death threats have crossed the line. After holding a meeting, Road FC has decided to sue the attacker.”

It is said that Song Ga Yeon began to receive death threats from a SNS user starting last month, on September 18. This user has a history of leaving a number of harsh messages attacking Song Ga Yeon on her personal SNS in the past.

The user has posted shocking messages such as, “I want to kill Song Ga Yeon. I seriously feel the urge to murder. I’m going to buy a sawing machine soon. I don’t know what I’ll use it for but I really hope you don’t make me use it on you.
song ga yeon death threatThe Road FC rep continued to explain, “This is something that is too difficult for a person who has just passed 20 years old to handle. Song Ga Yeon has always stayed strong and focused on training despite malicious comments. But this time, she personally came upon the message and notified Road FC. We would like to make all hateful commenters aware of this case.”

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