Broadcast Personality Oh Sang Jin Gets Hit in the Face with Volleyball on “Running Man”

2014-10-19 10:08:05 2014-10-19 10:08:06

Broadcast personality Oh Sang Jin embarrassingly got hit in the face on the latest episode of SBS variety show “Running Man.”

On the October 19 broadcast of “Running Man,” Oh Sang Jin guested along with actors Jo Jin Woong and Kim Sung Kyun from the movie “We Are Brothers.” The three guests played a competitive game of “Death Bingo Race” with the members of “Running Man.”

The two teams played a game of volleyball called “mud volleyball,” with a volleyball filled with mud. Despite showing good performance throughout the game, Oh Sang Jin eventually ended up getting hit in the face with the ball after volunteering to “Stop the ball”, drawing laughs from the members. He ended up getting hit twice, to the utter joy of the “Running Man” members.

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