GOT7’s Jackson Gets Surprised At the Sight of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA on “Roommate 2”

2014-10-19 03:54:23 2014-10-19 04:23:07
Roommate 2

On “Roommate 2” so far, we’ve learned that GOT7’s Jackson react differently to different girls: he gets scared of girls like Nana and gets too shy with girls he like such as his ideal girl Song Ga Yeon.  But how did he react when he saw Girls’ Generation’s YoonA?

On the October 19 broadcast of the SBS variety show “Roommate 2,” Girls’ Generation member YoonA came to visit her group mate Sunny at the share house.

As courtesy to all the roommates, YoonA greeted everyone with a bright smile. Everyone was so happy to see YoonA and greeted her warmly.

When GOT7’s Jackson went to the living room from the kitchen, he immediately greeted and bowed his head but when he held his head up and finally saw who their guest was, he got so surprised that he immediately screamed, “Oh my God!,” and elicited laughter among the roommates.

Roommate 2

After Jackson gained his composure, he was able to talk to YoonA and said, “YoonA sunbae-nim, you’re really tall.”

Sunny then jokingly told Jackson, “Hey, Jackson! Do you want to make me sad?,” and pretended she was jealous, once again making everyone laugh.

Oh, Jackson. ㅋㅋㅋ