“Roommate” Bae Jong Ok Reveals Her Popularity 20 Years Ago

2014-10-19 12:47:10 2014-10-19 12:47:10

Veteran actress Bae Jong Ok revealed how much money she made by shooting commercials during her youth, on the latest episode of SBS variety program “Roommate.”

The latest episode took the roommates back in time, as stars Danny Ahn and Chaeyeon visited the house.

When Bae Jong Ok was asked how much money she made by filming commercials 20 years ago, she revealed, “For a one-year contract, I was paid more than 100 million won (approximately 100,000 USD),” surprising her roommates.

When Jo Se Ho jokingly commented, “Then you don’t have to work so hard,” she added, “You’ll know eventually, but throughout life, there are moments when you make money and there are times when you don’t. Sometimes you have to use the money you earned, too. So you have to keep on working.”

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