Song Il Gook Thinks Min Gook Will Be the Ladies Man Among the Triplets

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On the latest episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” actor Song Il Gook, currently performing for the play “I Am You,” was interviewed.

During the interview, the actor was asked about his triplets. He revealed that he was on top of their schedule, saying, “Right now it would probably be their nap time at the daycare center. With regard to the latest filming for KBS’s Sunday program “Superman Returns,” he talked about Lee Hwi Jae’s visit with his twins. Song Il Gook recalled the event, “Since there were five children, the house instantaneously became a dump. Forget having conversations—the day ended quickly and I didn’t do anything but say multiple ‘No’s’ to the kids.”

1019 song il gook

Song Il Gook was also asked about which of the triplets would be the one to bring home the most girlfriends. He responded with Min Gook (the middle one out of the three). As for the reason, he said, “Whenever he doesn’t listen to me and he can’t be controlled, he tends to find a nuna nearby and follows her everywhere.”

song min gook

What do you guys think about Song Il Gook’s choice?

  • Pao

    When choosing feature images, I think it will be better to put the person talking and the person being talked about in the photo so readers can make a connection when they read the title of your article. I just put the cute Min Gook photo in the article so the readers would know which is Min Gook among the triplets. 🙂