YoonA Thanks Bae Jong Ok for Teaching Her a Lot While Acting Together

2014-10-19 13:25:12 2014-10-19 13:25:12

On this week’s broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” which aired on October 19, YoonA of Girls’ Generation made a visit to the cast members’ home to join their housewarming gathering and to show support for fellow group member Sunny.

During the episode, YoonA expressed her thankful heart toward actress Bae Jong Ok for teaching her a lot during the time they worked together in the MBC drama “Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty,” in which YoonA made a cameo.

While Bae Jong Ok was in the kitchen cooking a meal for the guests, YoonA approached her, starting a conversation by saying, “I couldn’t just sit while you’re working hard to cook…and we only greeted each other shortly. Have you been well?”

As the two continued to exchange words, YoonA recalled the time when she acted alongside Bae Jong Ok and shared, “You really taught me a lot at the time. Thank you.”
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