2AM Releases Teaser for “Days Like Today”

2014-10-21 08:28:33 2014-10-21 11:58:17

Ballad group 2AM released the teaser for their upcoming single, “Days Like Today,” their the official JYP Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Days Like Today” is a sentimental ballad track written by singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Man, best known for his song “I Will Give All.” Cho Kyu Man is also the older brother of famed singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Chan, who wrote the title track for Bernard Park‘s debut single.

The teaser follows an older man who lip syncs to the song as he reminiscences about the past. The narration, “It just seems like that kind of day. Just day when I suddenly think of you,” sets the tone and title for the song.

This new comeback also marks the group’s return to JYP Entertainment. Their former album was produced and managed by Big Hit Entertainment, but this upcoming album will be produced and promoted by JYP Entertainment. All the 2AM members’ management were already moved to JYP in April, except for Changmin who still had activities planned with his project group Homme.

2AM will be releasing a pre-release track on October 27, while their official title track will be released on October 30.