Arena Korea Releases KARA’s Gyuri Images from Photo Shoot

2014-10-21 00:34:49 2014-10-21 00:34:49

Monthly men’s’ magazine Arena Korea has released two pictures taken from a recent photo shoot with KARA member Gyuri. One picture shows the star reclining against a pink background, while the other shows Gyuri perched on a stool.


A representative for the magazine explained that the photo shoot allowed Gyuri to show a slightly different facet of her image and personality than most fans are used to seeing.

The representative said, “Through this photo shoot, we were able to see two aspects of her personality. She is both sexy and frail, and in the photographs, Gyuri revealed her mature womanly beauty, rather than a more innocent persona.”

Earlier this month, KARA completed promotional activities for “Mamma Mia,” the girl group’s most recent musical release.

The full photo shoot with KARA member Gyuri can be seen in the forthcoming November edition of Arena Korea.