Dynamic Duo Gaeko’s Solo Album Ruled Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

2014-10-21 23:56:19 2014-10-21 23:56:19

A majority of songs on Dynamic Duo member Gaeko‘s solo album, “Redingray,” have been banned by broadcast company KBS.

According to the song evaluation results revealed on October 22, 12 songs including the title track “Rose” failed to meet the company’s evaluation criteria.

While “Rose” was previously submitted for assessment as a digital version, the song was rejected again due to use of brand names, such as Tylenol and Advil, in the lyrics. The second title track, “No Makeup,” managed to receive KBS’ stamp of approval.

KBS explained, “The parts previously ruled unfit for broadcast were not adjusted before submitting the whole album for evaluation.”

The songs that were deemed unfit for broadcast are “Snapper Ending Remix (feat. Dok2),” “Festival Virgin,” “Chaser the Rapper Part 2,” “Mr. Vengeance Part 2 (feat. Choiza, Hangzoo, Geegooin),” “Silver Sonata (feat. Crush),” “Oh My God (feat. DJ Friz),” “Chaser the Rapper Part 1,” “East,” Seoul Blues Part 3 (feat. Choiza, DJ Soulscape, Lee Joo Han of Winterplay)“, and “Passout (feat. Bumkey).”

Due to the lyrics including vulgar language and specific brand names, the songs cannot be promoted on KBS channels.

Meanwhile, Gaeko released his first official solo album on October 16.