FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Leaves Mysterious Messages of Disappointment on His Instagram Account

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FTISLAND member Lee Hongki left some serious messages on his personal Instagram account that may be directed toward the group’s management agency, FNC Entertainment.

He wrote in the afternoon today, October 22, while uploading a picture of FTISLAND’s Japan concert poster, “I’m (or It’s) going to explode soon. Are you doing your job correctly? There is no one doing anything correctly in our family. Since it is always the same no matter who I talk to, I am writing here.”

In his second message, he wrote, “You said I’ve changed. But those painful words change me. In these days when I have felt I have become the most human out of all the days I have lived…Those words change me. Apologies for the mistakes we both made…It’s obvious for me but you…say nothing. This painful day…

These messages have since been deleted.

Lee Hongki has previously spoken out in the past with similar messages through his Twitter account. Read about it here.

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