InStyle Magazine Releases Park Shin Hye San Francisco Images

2014-10-22 19:56:44 2014-10-22 19:56:44

Fashion and beauty magazine InStyle has released a series of photographs featuring actress Park Shin Hye.

Park Shin Hye

The star was in San Francisco in the United States for the photo shoot, and pictures show the actress posing by what appears to be the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Other photos show Park Shin Hye in the bust downtown are of the city, sitting in a park and seated with a large dog outside an ice cream parlor.

Park Shin Hye2

The actress said, “There are so many different aspects to San Francisco. I feel that the vibe is different wherever I go.”

She also added, “I love traveling. When I lost my confidence in my acting, I went to New Caledonia [in the Pacific Ocean]. The scenery there filled me with inspiration. I started being very interested in travel form that moment. After that, I began more confident, and started to travel alone.”

Park Shin Hye3

Park Shin Hye is set to star in an upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama called “Pinocchio.” The new series is slated to begin airing in November.