Woman Crush Wednesday: “Boys Over Flowers'” Geum Jan Di

2014-10-22 04:07:45 2014-10-26 19:32:04

I’ve always been told that great things come in pairs. So what would Man Crush Monday be… without Woman Crush Wednesday? Welcome to the first edition of our new Wednesday special!

Similar to our Monday counterpart, every week, a very unique woman will be featured for her captivating charm and irresistible quirks. She might have made hearts skip a beat or became someone’s new role model. It’s even possible that wishes have been made to find a real person just like her to befriend or love. Whatever the case may be, there is something truly special about these lovely ladies.

The first woman to make it on our list is Geum Jan Di from “Boys Over Flowers.” She was just an average girl until her equally as average life was completely turned upside down after an outright amusing rescue of a suicidal student. (I’ve never seen someone so determined to successfully deliver laundry!) Due to her insistence on getting the money for his dry cleaning bill, I mean, her heroic act, Geum Jan Di gained admission into the prestigious Shinhwa High School on scholarship and there, we see, firsthand, five reasons that make her adorably crush-worthy (spoilers ahead!).

1. Geum Jan Di is gutsy.

“My idea of fun is to make dumb, rich kids suffer!”

Geum Jan Di Gutsy

As if she wasn’t already courageous enough to speak her mind about the intense hatred she had for the most feared man in school, she also had the audacity to shove her ice cream cone in his face. Amusingly enough, her surprise attack held so much strength, Goo Jun Pyo actually flew backwards before falling, quite possibly for the very first time, into an undignified heap.

Geum Jan Di also gets bonus points for:

  • Tossing her hard earned money at him – as if Goo Jun Pyo wasn’t already one of the richest men in the country. (Talk about role reversal here!)
  • Slapping dirty towels across the left side of his face.
  • Performing a beautiful spinning kick to Goo Jun Pyo’s face (right side this time!), shocking everyone in the vicinity.
  • Punching him, again in the face, after realizing he had tricked her into “kissing” him.