Agency Mystic89 to Begin Auditions, New Trainee to Be Recruited Every Month

2014-10-23 20:47:30 2014-10-23 20:47:30

Talent agency Mystic89 has announced that it will begin holding monthly auditions beginning this November, and plans to recruit at least one trainee per month. According to the company, hopefuls can apply in the categories of: singer, actor, band, songwriter and lyricist.

Mystic89, which is run by K-pop veteran Yoon Jong Shin, has recently expanded its activities, and has taken over two other entertainment companies this year: APop Entertainment and Kajok Actors.

Although all categories will be open every month, the agency will announce a monthly “theme” or “focus,” and the first of these will be “boy bands.”

Hopeful candidates can apply though the Mystic89 website. The deadline for applications next month is November 4. The first round of results will be revealed on November 7, and the name of the successful candidate (who will be offered a traineeship) will be unveiled on November 28.