M!Countdown 10.23.14: Gaeko Wins With “No Make Up”

2014-10-23 21:06:15 2014-10-23 21:06:15

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Congratulations to Gaeko for taking the win today on M!Countdown with “No Make Up” featuring Zion T. It was a very close call this week as he had only 15 points more than VIXX’s comeback track “Error.”

Winning video with English Subs.

Comeback performances this week were by Super Junior, BTS, Epik High, S, Gaeko, Hini and Purfles.

Super Junior – Evanesce + This Is Love

BTS (Bangtan) – Hormone War

Epik High – Happen Ending + Spoiler

S – Without You + Into The World

GAEKO – No Make up ft Zion.T + [Rose]

HiNi – Clutch Bag

Purfles – 1,2,3