Chu Sarang Celebrates Her 3rd Birthday!

2014-10-24 11:30:53 2014-10-24 11:30:53

Chu Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho’s adorable daughter, Sarang—born on October 24, 2011—is now three years old!

Yano Shiho revealed a photo of her daughter celebrating her birthday on October 24. She posted a message on her Instagram account that reads, “Happy Birthday,” along with a picture of Sarang.

In the photo uploaded by her mom, Sarang can be seen wearing a pair of ‘candle’ sunglasses, as she poses making a ‘V’ with her hands. After seeing the picture, many people have commented that Sarang’s appearance is unchanged and is only getting cuter as she grows up before our eyes.

Meanwhile, the upcoming October 26 broadcast of KBS’ “Superman Returns will show Chu Sung Hoon returning after two months to spend a full 48 hours with Sarang.

Happy Birthday, Sarang!