Han Ji Min Does a Beautiful Pictorial In Switzerland For Elle

2014-10-24 07:41:39 2014-10-24 07:41:39

Actress Han Ji Min’s eminent beauty was on display in Switzerland.

On October 23, Elle released three pictures of Han Ji Min with the title “In Switzerland.” In this pictorial, after Han Ji Min found the essence of her calm trip, she greeted her freedom in front of the dramatic landscape behind her.

Although Han Ji Min is a dramatic actress, she lead the trip with her amicable personality. She especially didn’t pay attention to the manure in the field as she continued with the pictorial in the sprinkling rain.  Elle tells a story about how they found the hidden side of Han Ji Min, who is normally pure and amicable, during the seven-day-five-night trip in Switzerland. Han Ji Min has a carefree and frank personality, but she continuously showed a “manly” disposition as she volunteered to guide the Elle staff as they all took a train from Davos to Mürren and had to get on a different ride seven times. The actress soldiered on with a bright face despite her tough schedules, and while drinking beer during lunch she looked prettier than anyone could.

You can read the behind story and see more pictures of the pictorial in the November issue of Elle.


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