MBC Music Core 10.25.14: Comeback Stages by BEAST, BTS, Strawberry Milk

2014-10-24 23:46:01 2014-10-25 02:11:43

A winning song was not announced at the conclusion of today’s episode of Music Core.

Today’s major comeback stage was by BEAST and their latest track “12:30.” Crayon Pop‘s new sub unit Strawberry Milk also have their debut stage with “Ok!” Boy groups BTS and B.I.G also had new songs today.

Other performances include VIXX, Song Ji Eun, Ailee, BTOB, Raina and more!
Comeback Stages

– BEAST 『12:30』

– B.I.G 『 Are You Ready?』

– BTS 『War of Hormone』

– Strawberry Milk 『OK』

More performances:
– VIXX 『Error』

– Song Ji-eun 『Twenty – Five』

– Ailee 『Don’t Touch Me』

– BTOB 『You’re So Fly』

– Raina (feat. Kanto of Troy) 『You End, And Me』