Tablo Wants to Recommend Epik High’s 8th Album to Those Who Are Hurt or Exhausted

2014-10-25 02:53:49 2014-10-25 02:53:49

In the midst of many compliments of Epik High’s new album, YG Entertainment recently released the making video of the 8th Album “Shoebox” Preview Night, which was held this past October 17.

The making film, which had been uploaded onto the company’s official Youtube channel on October 25, contained reviews by various individuals of the new album. Of the many, poet Lee Byung Ryul commented, “It gives the feeling of receiving respect for the happiness of human beings.”

DJ Soulscape also commented, “I think the track expresses the best chemistry as a team. I really enjoyed how it told a story that could have otherwise been very predictable in a more unique, unexpected way.”

Novelist Kim Dong Young said, “It’s music that could be listened to in any part of the day, whether it be in the morning or even late at night.”

With regards to the new album, rapper and leader Tablo revealed, “Please recommend this album to anyone around you whose hearts have been hurt or even exhausted by their surroundings.”

Meanwhile, Epik High will hold their first solo concert in five years this coming November 14 to November 16 in Seoul.

Watch the making film below: