2AM’s “Days Like Today” Tops Charts Immediately After Release

2014-10-26 22:11:12 2014-10-26 22:11:12

On October 27, 2AM’s pre release track, “Days Like Today” was released onto various music sites. Within 11 hours of release, it ranked first on Genie as well as Olleh Music. Other than those it ranked second on Monkey3 Music, third on Soribada and Mnet Music, and fifth on Melon.

Meanwhile, “Days Like Today” is their first track in five years that they worked on together with Park Jin Young. It is a song about experiencing a sudden feeling of longing and loneliness without a particular reason. The track showed Park Jin Young’s signature style of ballad that was executed well by 2AM’s unique color.

In other news, 2AM will release their title track, “Please Show Up,” this coming October 30. The track is one that they worked on together with Jo Kyu Man and Jo Kyu Chun.

Has anyone listened to the song yet? How do you guys like it?