Crush Releases a Sentimental Teaser Video for “Sofa”

2014-10-26 21:31:53 2014-10-26 21:31:53

R&B singer Crush has released a teaser video for his upcoming single, “Sofa.”

In the teaser video, the talented singer can be seen surrounded by various empty couches which refer back to the title of the song.

Crush’s agency Amoeba Culture announced, “Listeners will be able to easily sympathize with the song, as it is about missing someone who is no longer beside you.”

Crush will release the digital single and the music video for “Sofa” this coming October 30.

Earlier this year, Crush released his well-received debut album “Crush on You” in June, promoting with his title track “Hug Me” featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, who is also the founder of his label Amoeba Culture.

Check out the teaser video for “Sofa” below.