Haru Shows Her Innocence by Consoling an Injured Butterfly on “Superman Returns”

2014-10-26 23:38:13 2014-10-26 23:38:13

On this week’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Epik High’s Tablo and his daughter Haru went on a walk through an alley full of murals.

On their way Haru discovered a butterfly with a broken wing. Seeing this, Haru said, “The butterfly’s friends will come to help,” and showed her sadness at the butterfly’s situation. As they continued their walk, a yellow butterfly actually flew by. Haru smiled and said, “The butterfly’s friend came to help!” Haru’s innocence could not be hidden as she was delighted by the thought of a friend helping another.

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However, she brought laughter to viewers when they walked by a mural with dolphins. Tablo saw that Haru seemed to engage her dolphin doll in a conversation with the dolphin in the mural. He said, “What are they talking about?” But Haru suddenly had a serious expression and said, “They can’t speak,” as if it was an obvious fact that her father couldn’t see.

Meanwhile, “Superman Returns” airs every Sunday on KBS. Who’s a fan of this father-daughter duo?