Kara’s Heo Youngji Shares Thoughts on First Concert Tour, KARASIA

2014-10-26 06:57:57 2014-10-26 06:57:57

Kara‘s new member, Heo Youngji, has revealed her thoughts on standing on the big stage for the first time.

On October 24 at 7 p.m., Kara kicked off their latest Japanese tour, KARASIA, with the first stop in Fukuoka.

During the concert, Heo Young Ji greeted Kara’s Japanese fans for the first time, and said, “I will not forget this moment. I hope all of you won’t forget it either. I will work hard.”

After joining the group in July, the new member has put great effort into fitting in with her fellow members. Despite the short preparation period, she managed to memorize the choreography and lyrics of around 20 songs.

In addition to their biggest hits, the members teamed up for special stages, such as solo and duo performances.

KARASIA is the group’s third Japanese concert tour, and they will hold ten concerts total in seven cities across Japan.