Seo In Guk Looks Dashing in the Latest Stills from “The King’s Face”

2014-10-26 20:57:38 2014-10-26 22:15:45

Upcoming historical drama “The King’s Face” has released new teaser stills of Seo In Guk from the first shooting of the drama.

In the stills, Seo In Guk could be seen smiling and looking handsome in traditional Korean garbs. In “The King’s Face,” Seo In Guk will play Prince Gwanghae.

After completing the first filming for the drama, Seo In Guk commented, “I was worried, because this is my first historical drama, but I think I managed to film it well with the help from the director and the staff members.” He further added, “Thank you to everyone who worried for me, and please look forward to the premiere.”

Previously, Seo In Guk was injured during an action scene practice for the drama. He joined the filming a week later than planned due to his injury.

“The King’s Face” will premiere in November.