Jang Nara’s Stills From Upcoming Drama “Mr. Baek” Revealed

2014-10-27 21:45:08 2014-10-27 21:45:08

On October 27, a member of the production team behind MBC’s upcoming drama, “Mr. Baek,” revealed that Jang Nara began her first filming activities. With the news, the staff member also uploaded a couple of pictures. Within these photos, Jang Nara is sporting a banged hairstyle, giving her a pleasantly normal style. Her cute expressions as she squats on the ground as well as her overall style adds to her character, Eun Ha Soo, who is supposed to be a young, bright girl trapped in the hardships of life. She represents one of the many young people that are unemployed. She moves from one part time job to another, being cautious and sensitive to even a small difference of 500 KRW (approximately 0.50 USD) in her wages. Even though she lives a difficult life, she tries to stay positive and treasures her happiness with her family.

A representative from the production team commented, “Though Jang Nara has a full schedule, not only does she come with all of her lines memorized, but she also comes with a detailed analysis of her character. I could tell that she was attached to this project. I’m looking forward to how Jang Nara, who works very hard for each and every scene, will charm the viewers. I hope everyone has the same expectations.”

Meanwhile, “Mr. Baek” will be about a 70-year-old President of a company that has money, power, and respect. But one day, he magically turns back into a 30-year-old, and he begins to feel real love for the first time. The fantasy and comedy romance drama will also star Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Joon, Jung Suk Won, and Park Ye Jin. It will air its first episode this coming November 5. Who’s excited for the drama?

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