Jung Il Woo Attends Cosmo Beauty Awards in China

2014-10-28 12:55:32 2014-10-28 12:55:32

Actor Jung Il Woo is proving his popularity in China as the actor has been the only Korean actor invited to attend the 2014 Cosmo Beauty Awards on October 29.

“Jung Il Woo has begun to earn great popularity in China from when ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ was aired. Recently, the drama ‘The Night Watchman’ has been receiving a lot of love and attention. (With this), Jung Il Woo will participate at the 2014 Cosmo Beauty Awards in Shanghai as the represenatitve of Korea. He will be appearing alongside big Chinese stars Yang Mi, Michelle Chen, Aarif Rahman, Nini, and Zhou Bichang,” said a representative from Jung Il Woo’s camp.

The 2014 Cosmo Beauty Awards in China is an awards ceremony that focuses on fashion and beauty. It gathers popular personalities in film, drama, dance, sports, and fashion. Actor Jung Il Woo is the sole Korean actor who was invited to participate in the event and go up the stage.

Last year, actors Kim Tae Hee and Kim Soo Hyun were invited as Korea’s best celebrities. The two celebrities received the “Asia Dream Icon Award.”

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo already has 11 million followers on his official Weibo, proving his popularity in China. Through fans’ requests, the actor is planning an Asian Tour in December.

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